$27.5M Declined by Draymond Green with Warriors, will enter free agency in 20

Draymond Green, a beloved figure from the Tom Izzo era at Michigan State, may soon find himself in a new NBA city. The Golden State Warriors’ NBA champion and long-time heart of the team is reportedly planning to decline his player option for the 2023-24 season and enter unrestricted free agency. This move was expected, as Green is turning down a significant $27.5 million in order to pursue a long-term deal on the open market.

Throughout his impressive 11-season career, Green has remained loyal to the Warriors, but his decision to explore free agency indicates a potential shift. The Warriors’ new general manager, Mike Dunleavy Jr., has expressed a strong desire to bring Green back, emphasizing his significance to the organization and the team’s pursuit of success at the highest level.

However, Green’s journey has not been without its challenges. During training camp, he was involved in an altercation with Jordan Poole, an incident that Warriors coach Steve Kerr described as the franchise’s biggest crisis during his tenure. This incident had a lingering impact, leading to a strain on Green’s relationships with his teammates. The dynamic forward acknowledged that the altercation affected his ability to be the vocal and sometimes abrasive leader who has consistently energized the Golden State team in the past. Green believes that this hindrance prevented the team from performing at its full potential. Despite these challenges, there is a strong belief that all parties involved can move forward and have both Green and Poole on the team for the upcoming season.

In the 2022-2023 season, Green showcased his versatile skills, averaging 8.5 points, 7.2 rebounds, and 6.8 assists per game for the Warriors. He achieved a career-best shooting percentage of 52.7% from the field, highlighting his efficiency and contribution to the team’s success. Throughout his career, Green has been an integral part of the Warriors’ accomplishments, winning four NBA championships and earning four All-Star selections. Additionally, he has been recognized for his defensive prowess, being named to the All-Defensive Team eight times and receiving the Defensive Player of the Year award for the 2016-2017 season. Remarkably, Green was drafted by the Warriors as the 35th overall pick in the second round of the 2012 NBA Draft.

As the NBA offseason unfolds, the decision regarding Green’s future will undoubtedly attract significant attention. Fans and analysts alike will closely monitor the developments, eagerly anticipating where Green’s next destination may be. The impact of his departure would be substantial, both for the Warriors organization and the player himself.

Green’s agent told ESPN that they will continue to talk to Golden State and explore all options.”

Ultimately, the decision rests in the hands of Draymond Green, a player whose contributions to the Warriors’ success cannot be overlooked. His journey from a college standout to an NBA champion has captivated fans and inspired aspiring basketball players. As the offseason progresses, Green’s choice will shape the future of not only his career but also the team that he has been an integral part of for over a decade.

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