Anthony Parker Named General Manager: Exciting News for Orlando Magic Fans

In a significant organizational move, the Orlando Magic announced the promotion of Anthony Parker to the role of general manager on Wednesday. Parker, who used to serve as an assistant GM, replaced the longtime league executive John Hammond to transition into a senior advisory role.

For Parker, this promotion represents a remarkable journey from his days as a player in the NBA and EuroLeague to becoming a scout for the Magic, followed by an executive role in the G League. His dedication and preparation have earned him recognition from other teams throughout his 11-year tenure with the franchise, yet he remained committed to the Magic organization. Weltman commended Parker’s leadership, experience, and energy, emphasizing his importance as the ultimate team player.

Parker played parts of nine seasons in the NBA with Philadelphia, Toronto, Cleveland and Orlando, averaging 9.1 points.

Pete D’Alessandro was promoted to executive vice president as part of the moves, the team said, with John Hammond — who had been Orlando’s general manager since 2017 — transitioning to a role where he’ll be senior advisor to Jeff Weltman, the team’s president of basketball operations.

“We are excited for John’s well-deserved next chapter,” Weltman said. “He has, and will continue to be, an invaluable resource. His experience has helped set the table for the Magic’s future and we look forward to continuing to lean on him in regard to everything from player evaluation to player development.”

Before the promotion, Pete D’Alessandro used to work as the associate general manager for the Orlando Magic, followed by working with teams such as the Sacramento Kings, Denver Nuggets, and Golden State Warriors. Jeff Weltman, the president of basketball operations, expressed his excitement for the well-deserved advancements of both Anthony Parker and Pete D’Alessandro within the organization.

With over 30 years of NBA experience, including winning the Executive of the Year award as the general manager of the Milwaukee Bucks in 2010, Hammond will now transition into a senior advisory role. The Magic express their gratitude for Hammond’s extensive experience and value the contributions he has made to the organization, particularly in shaping the future of player evaluation and development. Meanwhile, D’Alessandro’s expertise in various areas, including salary cap management and coordination with the league office, further strengthens the team’s capabilities.

Throughout the article, it is evident that the Magic organization highly values the collective expertise and experience of its personnel. The promotions of Anthony Parker and Pete D’Alessandro signify a new chapter for the team, where their leadership and contributions will play an integral role in guiding the Magic toward future success.

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