Bat Sensor Controversy: Elly De La Cruz’s Performance Ignites Debate in Reds’ Victory

Cincinnati Reds rookie sensation Elly De La Cruz had a memorable game on Wednesday, contributing to a resounding 9-2 victory over the Washington Nationals. The talented youngster showcased his skills, going 3 for 6 with a home run, two doubles, and crossing the plate twice. However, his exceptional performance also drew the ire of Nationals manager Davey Martinez.

The controversy unfolded in the second inning when Martinez requested an inspection of De La Cruz’s bat due to the presence of a Blast sensor on the knob. Expressing his astonishment, Martinez later shared with the Washington Post, “I know what the device is, but I’ve never seen nobody wear it during the game.” After the inspection, it was confirmed that the device was legal, allowing De La Cruz to continue using it.

The Blast sensor is an electronic device attached to the bat knob, capturing crucial swing metrics such as bat speed and swing path. Interestingly, De La Cruz only uses the plastic cover without the electrical component, as he prefers the feel of it. He initially played without the device but later reattached it for his fifth-inning at-bat.

This incident was not new for De La Cruz, as he has been using the knob cover since his call-up to the Reds last month, as highlighted by the Cincinnati Enquirer’s Charlie Goldsmith. The young talent has been making a significant impact, entering Wednesday’s game with a solid .308 batting average. Also, De La Cruz had four hits in the team’s 8-4 win over the Nationals on Tuesday, which made him the first player 21 years old or younger with two four-hit games within his first 25 games in the league since 2001, per ESPN.

De La Cruz’s impressive hitting with a .318/.356/.536 with four home runs, 25 RBI, and 11 stolen bases (out of 13 attempts) in his first 26 games in the big leagues. The Reds have thrived with De La Cruz in their lineup, boasting a remarkable 20-6 record in games he has played. This surge has propelled them to the top of the National League Central standings.

As De La Cruz’s star continues to rise, his electrifying performances and impact on the team have captivated fans and analysts alike. The young rookie is proving to be a valuable asset, contributing significantly to the Reds’ success this season.

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