Bo and Josh Naylor Make MLB History: Brotherly Home Run Heroics

In a remarkable display of brotherly baseball talent, Bo Naylor and Josh Naylor achieved a rare feat by hitting home runs in the same inning while playing for the Cleveland Guardians. Bo, a rookie catcher, and Josh, a seasoned first baseman, made history on Friday with their impressive power display.

It all began in the top of the third inning against the Texas Rangers, when Bo launched a  two-run blast off pitcher Jon Gray. The ball soared an impressive 435 feet to the right-field stands, marking Bo’s second home run in his MLB career. Not to be outdone, just a few batters later, Bo’s older brother Josh extended the Guardians’ lead with a two-run shot of his own. Josh’s home run found its way just inside the right-field foul pole, adding to the remarkable moment.

Although the Guardians ultimately fell to the Rangers with a 12-4 loss, the significance of the Naylors’ achievement was not diminished. They became the first set of brothers to hit home runs in the same MLB inning since 2013. Bo expressed his emotions and reflected on the special bond they share during a post-game interview, emphasizing the significance of their accomplishment.

The extraordinary event marked only the ninth time since 1900 that brothers have hit home runs in the same inning. The previous occurrence took place in 2013 when Justin and B.J. Upton achieved the feat for the Atlanta Braves. Remarkably, the Upton brothers had accomplished the same feat just weeks earlier.

Josh has solidified his role as the cleanup hitter in the Guardians’ lineup, contributing his power and experience to the team. On the other hand, Bo, a highly regarded prospect and a first-round pick in 2018, is making his mark in his first MLB season as a regular starter behind the plate. Given their talent and shared love for the game, it is possible that this rare achievement will not take another 13 years to be witnessed in the world of baseball.

The Naylor brothers’ display of power and brotherly support serves as a reminder of the unique and special moments that can unfold in the realm of sports. Their shared accomplishment highlights the bond between siblings and the joy of achieving dreams together. As the Naylors continue their baseball journey, their remarkable feat will be remembered as a testament to their talent and the enduring connection between brothers in the game.

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