Jaguars Add Josh Pederson Power: Son of Head Coach Brings Promise to Jacksonville’s Tight End Position

The Jacksonville Jaguars have added a familiar name to their roster, signing Josh Pederson, son of head coach Doug Pederson, as their newest tight end. The 25-year-old joins the Jaguars as his fifth professional team after going undrafted out of Louisiana-Monroe in 2021 and spending time with the San Francisco 49ers, New Orleans Saints, and Kansas City Chiefs before playing in the USFL.

Pederson’s recent performance with the Houston Gamblers in the USFL caught the attention of the NFL. He recorded impressive numbers, including 25 catches for 325 yards, ranking third in receiving yards among tight ends during the 2023 season. This successful stint led to an exciting message from his father, Doug Pederson, who informed him that the Jaguars intended to sign him. Josh Pederson was thrilled by the news and couldn’t believe it at first, but he quickly realized it was a genuine opportunity.

Initially, Pederson had concerns about being perceived as receiving special treatment due to his father’s role as the Jaguars’ head coach. However, his agent reassured him, emphasizing his experience with credible teams and coaches, along with his outstanding performance in the USFL. Pederson is determined to prove himself on the field and hopes to fly under the radar, focusing on his contributions to the team rather than any external attention.

While the Pederson name carries weight, Josh Pederson acknowledges that this signing is a far cry from the attention-grabbing addition of Tim Tebow in 2021. Pederson brings actual experience and skill to the tight end position, unlike Tebow, and aims to make a positive impact with his performance.

Making the Jaguars’ 53-man roster will be a challenge for Pederson, given the presence of veteran Evan Engram and second-round rookie Brenton Strange as the top two options at tight end. With four other tight ends vying for roster spots, including Luke Farrell, Sammis Reyes, and Gerrit Prince, the competition will be intense.

Pederson is well aware of the task ahead and is prepared to give his all to earn a place on the team. As the Pederson family reunites in Jacksonville, they hope to contribute to the Jaguars’ success and make a lasting impact on the field.

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