Josh Donaldson’s Blasts Unusual MLB History in 2023

Josh Donaldson’s performance this season has left Yankees fans divided, but he recently found himself on the peculiar side of history. Despite playing in only 30 games this season, New York Yankees’ third baseman Josh Donaldson continues to make an impact with his power hitting. On Saturday, he smashed his 10th home run 6-3 victory over the Cubs, setting himself up for a unique place in baseball history.

Donaldson’s limited playing time has put him on track to achieve a remarkable feat: recording the fewest hits by a player with 10 home runs before the All-Star break. With just 14 hits so far in 2023, he is poised to break Hall of Famer Frank Thomas’ record of 20 hits and 11 home runs set in 2005, according to ESPN Stats and Info.

While Donaldson’s hitting may be sparse, his ability to hit for power remains undeniable. His latest blast propelled the Yankees to extend their lead in the second inning, securing a victory they would never surrender. With a home record of 28-22 and an overall record of 49-41, the Yankees aim to improve their standing in the league.

Donaldson’s performance this season has been a departure from his career numbers. Since making his major league debut in 2010 with the Oakland Athletics, he has maintained a solid .262 batting average. Seeing him accumulate just 14 hits in 96 at-bats is both surprising and puzzling. As a team, the Yankees have struggled with a .230 batting average, currently ranking 28th in MLB. They undoubtedly hope that Donaldson, a seasoned veteran, can help revitalize their lineup as the All-Star break approaches.

If Donaldson doesn’t achieve a remarkable six-hit game on Sunday, he will hold the unique record of the fewest hits while reaching double-digit home runs. This accomplishment further highlights the unusual nature of his season. In fact, OptaStats reveals that he is only the second player since 1901 to have 10 or more home runs and 15 or fewer hits in a 31-game stretch, joining Adam Dunn of the Cincinnati Reds in 2003.

The 2023 season has been eventful for Donaldson, filled with unexpected obstacles. In May, he suffered a hamstring injury that sidelined him for some time. Additionally, he missed further games due to a finger injury sustained while assembling something for his daughter.

Despite the challenges, Donaldson’s power hitting continues to captivate fans and defy statistical norms. As the season progresses, all eyes will be on him to see if he can maintain his home run prowess while improving his overall hitting performance.

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