NBA draft 2023 is Over: Winners and Losers: 1-58 Full List

The 2023 NBA Draft has concluded, with Victor Wembanyama joining the ranks of the San Antonio Spurs. Fans across the league are now eagerly contemplating whether their team’s selections will alter the course of their franchise. While it’s important to acknowledge that only a select few players have the potential to be true game-changers in any given draft class, it’s still enjoyable to speculate about who emerged victorious and who may have faced disappointment.

The true impact of these draft picks may not be fully realized for a few months, possibly not until the Vegas Summer League takes place. However, one thing we can be certain of is that the Thompson twins’ family likely experienced an unforgettable night, while Washington Wizards fans may be bracing themselves for a challenging 2023-24 season.

Winner: San Antonio Spurs – Securing Victor Wembanyama

Without a doubt, the San Antonio Spurs emerge as the ultimate winners of the draft. Their selection of Victor Wembanyama, widely regarded as the most exceptional prospect since LeBron James two decades ago, is a significant triumph. Although there may not have been much suspense surrounding the Spurs’ choice, landing Wembanyama represents a monumental victory for the team. His arrival has the potential to completely transform a franchise that has endured four consecutive playoff absences.

Loser: Cam Whitmore – A Disappointing Slide

Cam Whitmore, initially considered a potential top-four pick, experienced a drastic tumble in the draft. Falling completely out of the lottery, he eventually landed at the 20th overall spot, resulting in a substantial financial loss of approximately $14 million on his rookie contract, as estimated by Spotrac.

The reasons behind Whitmore’s fall appear to be multifaceted. He encountered a thumb injury during his lone season at Villanova, which may have raised concerns among scouts and teams. Additionally, criticism regarding his practice habits and effort emerged as potential red flags.

With the draft officially concluded, we can now reflect on the outcomes of all 58 picks. Months of speculation and anticipation have culminated in a clearer picture of how each team fared in their selections.

1st ROUND 

1. Spurs draft Victor Wembanyama (Metropolitans 92)

2. Hornets draft Brandon Miller (Alabama)

3. Blazers draft Scoot Henderson (G League Ignite)

4. Rockets draft Amen Thompson (Overtime Elite)

5. Pistons draft Ausar Thompson (Overtime Elite)

6. Magic draft Anthony Black (Arkansas)

7. Pacers draft Bilal Coulibaly (Metropolitans 92) – Traded to Wizards

8. Wizards draft Jarace Walker (Houston) – Traded to Pacers

9. Jazz draft Taylor Hendricks (Central Florida)

10. Mavericks draft Cason Wallace (Kentucky) – Traded to Thunder

11. Magic draft Jett Howard (Michigan)

12. Thunder draft Dereck Lively II (Duke) – Traded to Mavericks

13. Raptors draft Gradey Dick (Kansas)

14. Pelicans draft Jordan Hawkins (Connecticut)

15. Hawks draft Kobe Bufkin (Michigan)

16. Jazz draft Keyonte George (Baylor)

17. Lakers draft Jalen Hood-Schifino (Indiana)

18. Heat draft Jaime Jaquez Jr. (UCLA)

19. Warriors draft Brandin Podziemski (Santa Clara)

20. Rockets draft Cam Whitmore (Villanova)

21. Nets draft Noah Clowney (Alabama)

22. Nets draft Dariq Whitehead (Duke)

23. Blazers draft Kris Murray (Iowa)

24. Kings draft Olivier-Maxence Prosper (Marquette) – Reportedly traded to Mavericks  

25. Grizzlies draft Marcus Sasser (Houston) – Traded to Pistons

26. Pacers draft Ben Sheppard (Belmont)

27. Hornets draft Nick Smith Jr. (Arkansas)

28. Jazz draft Brice Sensabaugh (Ohio State)

29. Pacers draft Julian Strawther (Gonzaga) – Traded to Nuggets

30. LA Clippers draft Kobe Brown (Missouri)

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31. Pistons draft James Nnaji (FC Barcelona) – Reportedly traded to Celtics

32. Pacers draft Jalen Pickett (Penn State)– Traded to Nuggets

33. Spurs draft Leonard Miller (G League Ignite) – Traded to Timberwolves

34. Hornets draft Colby Jones (Xavier) – Reportedly traded to Kings

35. Celtics draft Julian Phillips (Tennessee) – Reportedly traded to Bulls

36. Magic draft Andre Jackson Jr. (Connecticut) – Traded to Bucks

37. Thunder draft Hunter Tyson (Clemson) – Traded to Nuggets

38. Kings draft Jordan Walsh (Arkansas) – Reportedly traded to Celtics

39. Hornets draft Mouhamed Gueye (Washington State) – Reportedly traded to Hawks

40. Nuggets draft Maxwell Lewis (Pepperdine) – Reportedly traded to Lakers (via Pacers)

41. Hornets draft Amari Bailey (UCLA)

42. Wizards draft Tristan Vukcevic (Partizan Mozzart Bet Belgrade)

43. Blazers draft Rayan Rupert (NZ Breakers)

44. Spurs draft Sidy Cissoko (G League Ignite)

45. Grizzlies draft Gregory Jackson II (South Carolina)

46. Hawks draft Seth Lundy (Penn State)

47. Lakers draft Mojave King (G League Ignite) – Reportedly traded to Pacers

48. Clippers draft Jordan Miller (Miami)

49. Cavaliers draft Emoni Bates (Eastern Michigan)

50. Thunder draft Keyontae Johnson (Kansas State)

51. Nets draft Jalen Wilson (Kansas)

52. Suns draft Toumani Camara (Dayton)

53. Timberwolves draft Jaylen Clark (UCLA)

54. Kings draft Jalen Slawson (Furman)

55. Pacers draft Isaiah Wong (Miami)

56. Grizzlies draft Tarik Biberovic (Fenerbahce Beko)

57. Wizards draft Trayce Jackson-Davis (Indiana) – Reportedly traded to the Warriors

58. Bucks draft Chris Livingston (Kentucky)

The conclusion of the 2023 NBA Draft brought both triumph and disappointment to various teams and prospects. The San Antonio Spurs emerged as clear winners by securing the highly coveted Victor Wembanyama, whose arrival injects new hope into a franchise that had been searching for direction. On the other hand, Cam Whitmore experienced a significant slide in the draft, facing challenges that cost him a substantial amount of money on his rookie contract. As we look ahead to the Vegas Summer League and the forthcoming NBA season, the true impact of these draft outcomes will begin to unfold, and the winners and losers will become even more apparent.

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