NFL Carson Wentz Quarterback Sparks Controversy with Bear Hunting Photos

An NFL quarterback recently sparked controversy after hunting a black bear in Alaska and sharing photos of the kill on social media. The athlete, Carson Wentz, faced criticism online for his actions, with many labeling it as “barbaric.” The photographs showed Wentz posing next to the dead bear while holding a bow and arrow, wearing camouflage attire.

“Got the opportunity to spot and stalk black bear in one of our new favorite places on earth– Alaska! Incredible trip and an incredible animal,” Wentz wrote.

While hunting bears is legally permitted in certain regions of Alaska, the practice remains highly contentious. Alaska boasts a population of approximately 30,000 bears, but many individuals strongly oppose hunting them for sport, particularly when hunters pose with the animals, a practice commonly referred to as trophy hunting.

For Wentz, the bear hunt was a fulfillment of a long-held item on his bucket list. He and his brothers often share their hunting adventures on Instagram, showcasing their kills, including ducks, bucks, and turkeys.

Comments on Wentz’s post also highlighted the controversial nature of hunting.

“Incredible animal so you kill it?? Makes sense,” one user wrote.

“What is this barbaric nonsense? Unfollow this clown,” another added.

Some social-media users felt that Wentz posing with the dead bear was in particularly poor taste.

“Such an incredible animal you felt you needed to shoot it and pose with it’s corpse,” one user commented.

Not everyone was against the hunt as Wentz’s quarterback counterparts applauded the brothers.

“Holy s–t man! Need a taste of em,” former Commander’s teammate Taylor Heinicke said.

“Well done. Congrats,” former Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler added.

Following his release by the Washington team in February, Wentz has been diligently studying film alongside former NFL head coach Jon Gruden in hopes of making a successful return to the league. In the 2022 season, Wentz had a relatively challenging year, appearing in only eight games and starting just seven, his lowest career count. Due to his struggles, the team opted to start Taylor Heinicke instead. Throughout the season, Wentz managed to throw for 1,755 passing yards and 11 touchdowns.

As the start of training camp draws near, Wentz finds himself in the position of a free agent. However, he remains determined to continue his NFL career in 2023, eagerly awaiting the right opportunity. In the meantime, he is actively training with Jon Gruden during the offseason.

In conclusion, the recent controversy surrounding NFL quarterback Carson Wentz’s bear-hunting expedition highlights the ongoing debate surrounding hunting practices, especially trophy hunting. While hunting bears is legal in certain parts of Alaska, many individuals strongly oppose the act, particularly when hunters choose to pose with their kills. Wentz’s hunting endeavors have attracted criticism, sparking conversations about the ethics of hunting and the treatment of wildlife. As Wentz continues his journey in the NFL, his actions will likely remain under scrutiny, and the debate surrounding trophy hunting will persist.

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