Things to Know Before NBA Picks for Game 4: Heat vs. Nuggets

As the NBA Finals continue between the Miami Heat and the Denver Nuggets, Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) players are seeking the optimal lineup to maximize their chances of success. With standout performances from players like Nikola Jokic and Bam Adebayo, it’s crucial to consider their consistency and potential in DFS contests. Let’s explore the top NBA DFS picks for Game 4 of the Heat vs. Nuggets series.

Nikola Jokic: The Must-Back Player

Nikola Jokic has established himself as a must-back player in NBA DFS contests. His incredible performances throughout the Finals have consistently delivered outstanding numbers. With a pair of triple-doubles and a 41-point game already under his belt, Jokic has proven his worth as a reliable fantasy option.

In Game 3, Jokic made history by becoming the first player in NBA Finals history to record a 30-point, 20-rebound, 10-assist game. This extraordinary feat highlights his ability to dominate on multiple fronts. With three such performances in the postseason, Jokic’s consistency and high ceiling make him an unavoidable choice in DFS lineups.

Bam Adebayo: A Force in the Paint

Despite some shooting inefficiencies, Bam Adebayo has been a force for the Miami Heat in the Finals. With consistent scoring and rebounding, Adebayo has proven himself as a quality NBA DFS pick.

In Game 3, Adebayo tallied 22 points and a team-high 17 rebounds, displaying his ability to contribute in multiple categories. His performance against Jokic has been impressive, as he has consistently scored 20-plus points and grabbed at least nine rebounds in each game of the series. With the Heat needing a victory in Game 4, Adebayo is expected to carry a heavy workload, further increasing his fantasy value.

Other Factors to Consider

While Jokic and Adebayo are the standout options, it’s important to evaluate the supporting cast for potential value in NBA DFS lineups. Jamal Murray’s timely shot-making and playmaking abilities make him an attractive choice, as his assist props suggest he can provide significant value.

In addition, Miami’s Jimmy Butler remains a top-value pick, closely trailing Jokic in terms of potential contributions. With the Heat facing a must-win situation, Butler’s determination and resolve could translate into a standout performance.

As the Miami Heat and Denver Nuggets continue their battle in the NBA Finals, DFS players are seeking the optimal lineup to maximize their chances of success. Nikola Jokic’s consistent dominance and historical performances make him a must-back player, while Bam Adebayo’s ability to excel in the paint adds to his appeal. Considering supporting cast members like Jamal Murray and Jimmy Butler further enhances the potential of a winning DFS lineup. By carefully evaluating these top NBA DFS picks for Game 4, players can improve their chances of achieving DFS success.

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