Top NBA Prospects 2023 – NBA Draft Lottery 2023

The NBA Draft is an annual event in which NBA teams select eligible players to join their teams. It first occurred in 1947 and now it will be held on June 22, 2023. It allows teams to acquire new talent who had worse records the previous season to pick before better teams. The draft order is determined through a lottery system for non-playoff teams, while playoff teams are placed in order based on their regular-season records.

The NBA Draft consists of two rounds, with each team having one pick in each round. Teams can also trade their picks to other teams in exchange for players, future picks, or other considerations. The order of the draft is typically announced in advance, allowing teams to plan their selections.

Here are the Top NBA Draft Prospects 2023

20. Jalen Hood-Schifino, Indiana:- 6’6″, averaging 14.6 points

19. Kobe Bufkin, Michigan:- 6’4 averaging 18.7 points 

18. Kris Murray, Iowa:- 6’8 averaging 20.5 points

17. Jett Howard, Michigan:- 6’8 averaging 14.6 points

16. Dariq Whitehead, Duke:- 6’7 averaging 17.1 points

15. Keyonte George, Baylor:- 6’4 averaging 15.3 points

14. Nick Smith, Arkansas:- 6’5 averaging 12.8 points

13. Brice Sensabaugh, Ohio:- 6’6 averaging 16.3 points

12. Jordan Hawkins, UConn:- 6’5 averaging 16.2 points

11. Gradey Dick, Kansas:- 6’8 averaging 14.2 points

10. Cason Wallace, Kentucky:- 6’4 averaging 6.9 points

9. Ausar Thompson, Overtime Elite:- 6’7 averaging 16.3 points

8. Cam Whitmore, Villanova:- 6’7 averaging 12.5 points

7. Anthony Black, Arkansas:- 6’7 averaging 13.5 points

6. Taylor Hendricks, UCF:- 6’9 averaging 15.1 points

5. Amen Thompson, Overtime Elite:- 6’7 averaging 14.3 points

4. Jarace Walker, Houston:- 6’8 averaging 11.1 points

3. Brandon Miller, Alabama:- 6’9 averaging 19.7 points

2. Scoot Henderson, G League Ignite:- 6’4 averaging 16.5 points

1. Victor Wembanyama, Metropolitans 92 (France): 7’3 averaging 21.6 points


NBA Draft Lottery 2023

The NBA Draft Lottery for 2023, sponsored by State Farm, recently took place at the McCormick Place Convention Center in Chicago. The San Antonio Spurs emerged as the winners of the lottery, securing the coveted first overall pick in the upcoming NBA Draft 2023, set to occur on Thursday, June 22nd. This opportunity allows the Spurs to have the initial selection and potentially acquire a highly promising player to bolster their roster.

First Round: Picks 1-14

1. San Antonio
2. Charlotte
3. Portland
4. Houston
5. Detroit
6. Orlando
7. Indiana
8. Washington
9. Utah
10. Dallas
11. Orlando (from Chicago)
12. Oklahoma City
13. Toronto
14. New Orleans

The remaining order of the 2023 NBA Draft is as follows:

First Round: Picks 15-30

15. Atlanta
16. Utah (from Minnesota)
17. Los Angeles Lakers
18. Miami
19. Golden State
20. Houston (from LA Clippers)
21. Brooklyn (from Phoenix)
22. Brooklyn
23. Portland (from New York)
24. Sacramento
25. Memphis
26. Indiana (from Cleveland)
27. Charlotte (from Denver via New York and Oklahoma City)
28. Utah (from Philadelphia via Brooklyn)
29. Indiana (from Boston)
30. LA Clippers (from Milwaukee via Houston)

Second Round: Picks 31-58

31. Detroit
32. Indiana (from Houston)
33. San Antonio
34. Charlotte (from Charlotte via Philadelphia and Atlanta)
35. Boston (from Portland via Atlanta, LA Clippers, Detroit, and Cleveland)
36. Orlando
37. Oklahoma City (from Washington via New Orleans)
38. Sacramento (from Indiana)
39. Charlotte (from Utah via New York)
40. Denver (from Dallas via Oklahoma City)
41. Charlotte (from Oklahoma City via New York and Boston)
42. Washington (from Chicago via Los Angeles Lakers and Washington)
43. Portland (from Atlanta)
44. San Antonio (from Toronto)
45. Memphis (from Minnesota)
46. Atlanta (from New Orleans)
47. Los Angeles Lakers
48. LA Clippers
49. Cleveland (from Golden State via Utah and New Orleans)
50. Oklahoma City (from Miami via Boston, Memphis, and Dallas)
51. Brooklyn
52. Phoenix
53. Minnesota (from New York via Charlotte)
54. Sacramento
55. Indiana (from Cleveland via Milwaukee and Detroit)
56. Memphis
— Chicago (from Denver via Cleveland; forfeited by Chicago)
— Philadelphia (forfeited)
57. Washington (from Boston via Charlotte)
58. Milwaukee

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