Victor Wembanyama: The Rising NBA Star Takes on Yankee Stadium

In a highly anticipated turn of events, Victor Wembanyama, the sensational basketball prospect, made a memorable appearance at Yankee Stadium before the N.B.A. 2023 draft. Wembanyama is expected to be selected as the top pick by the San Antonio Spurs as he is the No. 1 overall selection in the NBA draft. Wembanyama’s arrival in New York created a frenzy among fans. Sporting a throwback Joe DiMaggio jersey, the towering 7-foot-4 French teenager, known as “Wemby,” embarked on an extraordinary journey through the heart of New York City, culminating in a ceremonial first pitch at the Yankees game.

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Upon his arrival at Newark Liberty International Airport, Wembanyama was immediately surrounded by an enthusiastic crowd of fans. The towering presence and undeniable talent of this young player had made him one of the most anticipated prospects since LeBron James. The excitement continued to build as Wembanyama immersed himself in the complete Yankee Stadium experience.

On a Tuesday afternoon, clad in his DiMaggio jersey, Wembanyama traveled on the subway from Manhattan to the Bronx, capturing the attention and admiration of fellow commuters. Arriving at the stadium, he was greeted by general manager Brian Cashman, exchanging handshakes and capturing memorable moments with catcher Jose Trevino during batting practice. The sight of Wembanyama swinging a bat left the Mariners players in awe, as the baseball seemed no more than a ping-pong ball in his colossal hands.


“[Yankee Stadium] looks great, especially the location in the city,” Wembanyama told the YES Network. “I came here with the subway, with the train. It was a really nice experience.”

His larger-than-life presence extended beyond the basketball court. Revered as an “alien” by none other than LeBron James, Wembanyama’s exceptional abilities had garnered attention worldwide. Having achieved an impressive average of over 20 points and 10 rebounds per game for Metropolitans 92 in France’s LNB Pro A league last season, his reputation preceded him. Fans eagerly recorded his every move, engrossed in discussions about the upcoming NBA draft.

Inside the iconic Yankee Stadium, Wembanyama had the opportunity to spend time in the dugout alongside catcher Jose Trevino. Perhaps seeking guidance for his impending pitch, he playfully handled a baseball that appeared miniature in his massive hands. Leaving the dugout, he graciously signed autographs and posed for pictures with excited children, further endearing himself to the crowd.

Credits: NYT

As the moment approached, Wembanyama approached the mound, clapping in response to the welcoming cheers from the gradually filling stadium. With a wind-up, he released the pitch, which unfortunately sailed wide of the plate. Yankees pitcher Clarke Schmidt, stationed behind home plate, couldn’t make the catch. Undeterred by the minor mishap, Wembanyama shrugged it off, sharing a laugh with the crowd.

This memorable event showcased not only Wembanyama’s remarkable talents on the basketball court but also his charismatic and humble personality. His larger-than-life stature combined with his affable nature won the hearts of fans and players alike. As he continues his journey to become an NBA star, Wembanyama’s presence at Yankee Stadium will forever remain a cherished memory.

“Everything is going so fast,” Wembanyama said. “I just landed yesterday from France. I just feel extremely lucky to be here.”

As the NBA draft approached, Wembanyama’s journey through New York left an indelible mark on both basketball and sports enthusiasts alike, cementing his status as a rising star. The laughter shared on the pitcher’s mound represented the joy and camaraderie that sports can bring, transcending boundaries and creating unforgettable moments in the hearts of fans worldwide.

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