Why NFL Star Maxx Crosby’s Tattooed Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan and Muhammad Ali

Las Vegas Raiders star Maxx Crosby has got a new tattoo and a permanent reminder to chase some of the world’s biggest sports stars by getting pictures of Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali, and Kobe Bryant tattooed all over his torso. The tattoo serves as a constant reminder for Crosby to strive for greatness and chase the footsteps of these legendary figures.

As Crosby gears up for his fifth season in the NFL, he reflects on his journey thus far. Selected by the Raiders in the fourth round of the 2019 NFL Draft, with the 106th overall pick, Crosby has proven his worth on the field. Last season, he earned his second Pro Bowl selection, a testament to his exceptional skills and contributions to the team. Now, as he prepares for another year in the vibrant city of Las Vegas, Crosby is determined to make an even greater impact.

In pursuit of his aspirations, Crosby sought the expertise of renowned tattoo artist Andreas Ortega at Ortega Ink, a private studio in Phoenix, Arizona. Ortega, the founder of the studio, understood Crosby’s desire to maintain a laser focus on his journey toward greatness. Together, they devised a concept that would serve as a constant source of inspiration to thrive.

The tattoo also features the phrase “Be Legendary,” inked near Crosby’s rib cage, serving as a mantra that fuels his drive and ambition. This powerful message encapsulates his unwavering determination to establish himself among the elite in football history. With every glance in the mirror, Crosby will be reminded of the immense dedication required to reach the pinnacle of success.

But the tattoo does not only honor sporting legends—it also carries a deeply personal touch. Ortega incorporated a heartfelt tribute to Crosby’s baby daughter, etching his jersey number, 98, alongside an image of a child, a flower, two diamonds, and the words “humble beast” onto his chest. This addition symbolizes the love and motivation Crosby draws from his family, reminding him of the profound impact they have on his journey.

The process of creating this meaningful artwork was an intricate one, demanding time, skill, and precision. Ortega meticulously brought Crosby’s vision to life, and it took approximately 11 hours to complete the tattoo. Each stroke of the needle became a permanent testament to Crosby’s unwavering dedication and his desire to leave a lasting legacy on and off the field.

As the news of Maxx Crosby’s tattoo spread, fans, and fellow athletes alike marveled at his commitment to his craft. The inked images of Jordan, Ali, and Bryant serve as a constant reminder of the greatness he aspires to achieve. Crosby’s new tattoo solidifies his dedication to surpassing boundaries and making his mark in the world of sports.

Ortega posted a photo of the impressive artwork once it was completed on his Instagram page. He accompanied the post with the caption: “‘BE LEGENDARY’ front panel full tattoo,”

Former NBA player Quinn Cook, known for his time with teams like the Golden State Warriors, Dallas Mavericks, New Orleans Pelicans, Los Angeles Lakers, and Cleveland Cavaliers, also joined the conversation and left a comment on Crosby’s post said: “Yeah you went crazy!!”

As the 2023 regular season approaches, Crosby will take some well-deserved rest before gearing up for NFL training camps in the upcoming summer. The Las Vegas Raiders, Crosby’s team, will kick off their season with an exciting Week One opener against the Denver Broncos on September 10. It marks the beginning of an intense journey for Crosby and his teammates as they strive to make their mark on the field and achieve success in the new season.

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